Monday, July 31, 2017

Discovering the Netherlands on my Birthday!

Discovering the Netherlands on my Birthday! 

by Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT

My husband's parent company is based in the Netherlands, so I jumped on the opportunity to tag along behind him on his recent work trip. Here I am taking a ceremonial sip of a local beer at my birthday dinner.

I have heard of eating locally to support local farmers and eat foods in-season. Have you ever thought of eating healthy and locally when traveling (yes, I know beer doesn't really count). Ayurveda tells us to eat locally while traveling, too. I know that consuming local honey helps with my husband's allergies. Have you tried eating local foods while traveling?

Read more about Ayurveda and eating locally:

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous spot, and a fab jacket! Thanks for linking xo



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